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Dedicated to Developing More than Land

Founded in 1977, Elm Street Development is a privately owned real estate development firm with communities throughout the Washington, Baltimore, and Eastern Shore regions.

Dedicated to Developing More than Land

With over 250 completed projects to our credit, we are always aware of the responsibility we have to those who have an interest in the land. We focus not just on developing land, but also on developing lifestyles, neighborhoods, and relationships that enhance the lives of everyone involved.

Developing confidence. Our steadfast commitment to the communities in which we build and to our, neighbors, colleagues, and partners has earned Elm Street Development an award-winning record of achievement. Since our inception, we received numerous community development awards, including honors for our environmental stewardship and affordable housing initiatives.

Developing stability. Elm Street Development is one of the few independent community developers that has remained strong through the market booms and busts that have occurred over the past few decades. As a result, we have both a proven record of delivering outstanding new communities and a solid award-winning record of project completion.

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